1. SAFETY is the first order !!

Weapon handling is not allowed in the parking lot or behind the firing line. A safety area is provided for weapon handling and is the only area aside from the firing line under the direction of a Range Officer that a weapon may be handled. We operate under a ” Cold Range”, do not arrive with a loaded weapon or navigate the range with a loaded weapon.


2. What happens at Florida Speed Shooting Association match?

Five stages are set up with each stage being shot 5 times. Only the fastest 4 times are recorded. Each stage consists of anywhere from 2 to 5 steel non-reactive plates (plates that do not fall over). Each stage will have one stop plate (last plate shot) and the rest are shot according to the course of fire. There are no scoring zones on the plates, so a partial impact will count as a score-able hit. No stage requires more than 5 rounds minimum to complete that string, therefore stages are revolver friendly and mandatory reloads are not required; naturally this is based on your shooting proficiency.

3. When and where are the matches held?

Matches are held the fourth Sunday of every month, beginning at 0800 hours, deadline for registration is 0930. The matches are held at Markham Park Target Range in Broward County, on the Broward Sheriff’s Office range.    


4. What do I need to bring?

Pistol or revolver, must be proper working condition.
Safe holster ( must retain firearm and the trigger is not exposed). Sorry, but shoulder rigs and cross draws are not allowed.Eye and Ear protection
Approximately 150 rounds ammunition
Extra magazines or speed loaders.

5. How much is the match registration fee?


6. Is there a minimum experience level required so I can participate ?

We are a teaching club, however you will need some basic knowledge on the fundamentals of pistol shooting and manipulation. You will not need any competitive shooting experience, you will learn that here. Should you desire basic shooting instruction, you will need to contact us in advance for an appointment .

Make sure to visit the South Florida Pistol Club  http://www.sfpc.org/ site for information on area USPSA  http://www.uspsa.org/  matches.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you at the next match.

Until then, Stay Safe.


3 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. I went to the public Markham range to practice and saw you shooting and approached Richard who could not be nicer and invited me to shoot with speedshooters. I just wanted to say thanks for letting me shoot with you. Starting with Richard it was a great group of guys and it was lots of fun. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you on the next 4th Sunday.

    1. Warren, yes there is. Visit the web site and see the info under the Kung Flu link for almost everything you need. Lots of rules so please read everything.


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