APRIL 2017

April was pretty much a rain out but thanks to the hard core devoted folks that came out…  you are my new special friends…….

SETH GERSTEN Carbine      42.13
GRANT ALDRICH Rimfire      54.47
ARIK L Limited      58.89
TONY C Limited      64.30
NICK B Limited      77.92
WARREN ROSEN Limited      86.01
WILLIAM T Limited      86.04
STAN G Limited      93.09
IRENE C Limited      96.87
WARREN ALTER Limited     104.04
LIZ WOLNEY Limited     105.87
MIKE M Limited     111.03
LEO WOLNEY Limited     111.76
BILL H Limited     119.13
MIKE DELIA Limited     120.67
MIKE H Limited     127.26
ANDREW GROSS Limited     139.93
DAVID ALTER Limited     153.53
DEBRA LAMBERTI Limited     163.53
ELLEN ARTUSO Limited     182.76